Women Friendly Workplaces

Women Leadership Nation™ is committed to helping businesses, governments and not-for-profits harness the power of women leaders by creating Women Friendly Workplaces™

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become market leaders in developing and delivering innovative, engaging and thought leading leadership training and support solutions designed specifically for women leaders, while helping to correct Canada’s Gender Diversity and Innovation Gap.

Our Programs

Our programs are designed to support women in traditionally male dominated industries, such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), construction, and energy resources, as well as, governments, emergency services and not-for-profits.


We see opportunity vs. a problem that must be solved!

Imagine a gender balanced workplace, where women are properly supported and given opportunities to lead. Where organizations thrive and benefit from increased profitability, enhanced creativity & innovations and collaborative & positive corporate cultures; where they create an environment where women leaders can thrive.

To help close the Gender Gap & Innovation Gap in industries where women are under-represented by:

  1. Helping employers better support their women and become more diverse, inclusive, and innovative.
  2. Helping women better navigate their careers in Women Friendly Workplaces™ and thrive professionally & personally.

Scarce representation of women at senior levels is a global phenomenon. Yet, according to numerous studies, if we were to reach gender equality in the workplace, we could add Trillions of Dollars ($USD) to our global economy and increase innovation. Unfortunately, at the pace we are currently going we are NOT expected to reach parity for another 170 years.

Today organizations are largely focused on solving individual pain points associated the lack of diversity & inclusion. Very few are looking at the bigger picture. This current approach leads many to implement one o programs designed to solve a specific problem, such as sensitivity training or mentorship; which is not enough to a correct deeply entrenched corporate cultures and intentionally and unintentional biases.


Launching Fall 2017

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